1. So this is my livestream video gone wrong. I didn’t realize my phone is at war with Ustream, so I had to record it manually, but it still never uploaded. Luckily, even though it’s so long, a friend told me to go to Youtube and it uploaded (even if it did take two phone calls to customer service and a very angry Spanish lady), so yay! 

    Aside from the backstory, this is the holiday-decked San Francisco on a Saturday night, where I recorded around Union Square. Excuse the bad quality, it was freezing, but I got some balloon animals, drag queens, and a sparkling rainbow angel in platforms. Enjoy! 

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  2. How to make a paper roll Santa Claus for the holidays! 

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  3. What do you think of clubs/student organizations at SFSU? 

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  4. American Horror Story renewed for fourth season…hmm…

    Well on its way to its third season, American Horror Story has been pushing some pretty heavy limits with its mature content and warped story lines and characters, and clearly the audiences have been eating it up. To make that clear in case someone out there thinks it’s a dying series, FX has announced Ryan Murphy’s show will be renewed for 13 more episodes, which you can read about here. Even as an avid viewer of the show, I kind of have to ask: are we ready to deal with it for yet another season? 

    I love my horror. I love pushing the envelope on blood and gore and sexual content, but I feel like Ryan Murphy has made the show less and less about the story and the development on some pretty raw characters (like ANY of Jessica Lange’s characters) and more about being sensationalist and trying to make people cringe at the horrific things we can throw on cable TV. 

    Here’s what we’ve had to deal with for the past three seasons: 

    1. Monster vaginas that kill men. 

    2. Masturbation with weird guys with bull heads. And just regular masturbation I guess. 

    3. Rape, date rape, gang bang rape, leather man rape, hostage rape (when said psychiatrist was pretending it was his mom), and child molestation. 

    4. Jar of semen. 

    5. Tons and tons of sex. Half the time, it’s not even relevant or necessary to the story.  

    9. Awkward polygamous relationship that occurs after alien abductions (yeah, apparently getting a bun in the oven by the right guy will get you a short vacation to Mars). 

    And that’s not everything. Not even close. It’s only a taste of WTF moments we have on the show. Now when we deal with homicidal ghosts, aliens, demonic possession (propr to Lily Rabe for being badass), or witches, there is a certain level of blood and just plain WTF we face, because let’s face it, that’s the reality of it if we plan to watch shows about these dark topics. Historical views of witches and asylums don’t paint them as Hocus Pocus witches or caring, clean hospitals. I’m cool with it. I applaud Murphy for really bringing these subjects back to its murkier roots, considering these things have gotten soft over the years. 

    But how many rape scenes do we need?? Seriously? I could deal with the leather man rape scene, barely cringed my way through Zachary Quinto’s warped sex scene, and now we’re going for gang rape? I feel as though Murphy is just trying to throw in these scenes to make us cringe and has little value to the storyline anymore. If anything, all the sex is hurting it. I don’t even know what the main storyline is anymore. Is it about Zoe and her dealing with being a witch? Is it about finding the new Supreme? Is it about immortality? The war with Madame Laveau? It’s not succinct and as much as I want to still love it, it seems to have turned into a poorly glued set of sex scenes, terrible childhoods, and just weird crap with the glue being these story lines that are all over the place. 

    I just hope everything comes together and we can put a hold on a few sex scenes (and hopefully avoid a rape scene next season). 

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  5. With a new trailer this Saturday, too. Feel the tension, excitement, and agonizing heartbreak in the air? That’s Whovian oxygen, people. The anticipation is killing me! 

    With a new trailer this Saturday, too. Feel the tension, excitement, and agonizing heartbreak in the air? That’s Whovian oxygen, people. The anticipation is killing me! 

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  6. entertainmentweekly:

Ohh — so that’s why Shawn said he had a sister one time, even though he definitely didn’t have a sister.


    Ohh — so that’s why Shawn said he had a sister one time, even though he definitely didn’t have a sister.

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  7. entertainmentweekly:

    Okay, so we’re late on this — but how great is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Chewbacca impression, as well as Harrison Ford’s stunned reaction?

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Tonight on AMCs The Walking Dead


    Tonight on AMCs The Walking Dead

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  9. Walking Dead’s “Indifference” (SPOILERS!)

    SPOILER ALERT! Carol has just been banished from the prison (first and most likely not the last banishment we’ll be seeing). It’s heartbreaking to watch a character who has grown so much throughout the series just drive off and frankly, it still hasn’t really sunk in for me. I really do believe Carol was one of the best, an abused woman who was hated by fans for being helpless and most importantly, a woman who was so broken when she lost her daughter in season 2. Now her development has made her a strong leader who can make the hard choices and do what she believes is right for the group, teaching kids to protect themselves and make everyone strong enough to survive in this world. 

    In this episode “Indifference” (appropriately titled), Melissa McBride gave such a brilliant and chilling performance that I felt like I was looking at Shane again, and I think Rick had every right to be afraid of that. It’s hard, but I think the guests on Talking Dead tonight made a good point: she went from human to animal by losing that compassion. It’s scary to see that cold look in her eyes, the distance she had towards the idea of Sophia, the way she expected Rick to “accept” her killing the two members of the group. 

    It’s always hard to decide who stays and who goes, but it comes down to trust. Could Rick trust Carol anymore? I don’t think it was the right decision, but it was justified. If Carl got some new flu down the road, would Carol take him out? Rick asked it himself: “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people?”. 

    So once again, I do see the justification in Rick’s decision to banish her, but I’m sad to see her go, especially as a Caryl shipper. Goodbye Carol. I’m desperately hoping to see you in a later episode, and more hopefully see you come back with the Governor’s head. 

    P.S - I am seriously dying over here in anticipation of Daryl’s reaction when he finds out she’s gone. Oh, how this show breaks my heart. 

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The final #Walktober. Happy Halloween.


    The final #Walktober. Happy Halloween.

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